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Why Use Sex Toys With A Partner?

Add some spice to your sex life with a collection of fun sex toys! Couples sex toys make your sex life even more fantastic. They are perfect for foreplay, and they introduce new types of sex play into your boudoir. Make bath time more exciting with some waterproof sex toys. Explore your bodies with different types of couples sex toys. Help your partner find her G-spot with a G-spot vibrator, or help him learn to massage his prostate with a prostate massager. Anal sex can be even more fun with the wide variety of anal sex toys available we carry. If you are into some light bedroom bondage, turn up the heat with some plush fetish and bondage gear. You will wonder why you waited so long to buy couples Sex toys.

Best Sex Toys for Couples


Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators are great fun for couples to use to enhance their sex lives. There are many different ways to use remote control vibrators. For instance, she wears the remote control vibrator whilst he handles the controls. The speed and pulsation patterns are his to decide, leaving her at his mercy. Such fun! Remote control vibrators may be enjoyed in the privacy of your home, or you may enjoy using them in public. Imagine inspecting oranges at the grocery store standing next to a lady who has no clue that your partner is servicing you by ramping up the vibrations on your discreet and silent but powerful remote control vibrator. Such excitement is only a finger click away! Remote control vibrators are the ultimate couples sex toy, and every couple should have at least one to enjoy in private or out on the town.


Vibrator Kits

Many couples love to play with vibrator kits. You get many different couples sex toys to enjoy with a vibrator kit. Some examples include vibrating bullets, classic slim vibes, a vibrating cock ring, and a vibrating anal sex toy. Mix and match, and experiment to your heart's content. Some of these couples sex toys in the vibrator kits are waterproof, so you may play in the bath or shower or hot tub, and then take your sex toys to your bed with you. Experiment and mix and match! Use a vibrating cock ring to enhance an erection and then try a bullet vibrator for foreplay. Use the classic vibrator and anal vibrator for erotic fun, and enjoy your powerful orgasms!


Sex Oils / Kits

There is nothing quite as exciting as a sensuous massage. Sex oils are good for deep tissue massage as well as intimate massage. Enjoy aromatic scents and soothing oils, including name brands as well as fancy blends. You may like a heady scent for deep tissue massage and a floral scent for sensuous massage. There are also woodsy and the popular almond oils to massage shoulders, backs, legs, hands, feet, and legs. A good massage oil is not greasy, nor does it stain clothing or bed sheets. Good massage oils moisturize your skin, making it feel soft and supple. Sex oils kits often come with two or more different types of oils in different scents and for different types of uses. Try them all! Each type of oil will bring out the sexy beast in both of you.


Intimate Massagers

Intimate massagers do not look like sexual body parts. They are most often shaped in such a way that they look like they belong in a fancy spa. An intimate massager makes a wonderful gift for someone you love. Use an intimate massager to massage away those tense and tight spots on the shoulders, back, hips, arms, and legs. Intimate massagers are not limited to use as massagers, though. Use them for sensuous, sexual pleasure. An intimate massager is very powerful, and it gives great clitoral stimulation. It also feels wonderful on the penis and balls. Give your partner a deep tissue massage with an intimate massager, and then give the best sexual stimulation to be had by man or girl! Intimate massagers are very popular couples sex toys because they are so versatile.


Erotic Accessories

Sexual fun is not only about sex toys, although sex toys do comprise a big part of sexual pleasure. What about erotic accessories? Couples sex toys are enhanced by them. Do you have several pots of flavoured body paint handy, for instance? You don't? Shame on you! Now pick up a pot of flavoured body paint and a brush, and start painting your partner's body. And then lick up the paint to enjoy some good, clean, sexy fun. Lickable and tasty flavoured lubricants are a must for any couple's sex play. Choose your flavour, whether it is strawberry, chocolate, kiwi, vanilla, cherry, watermelon, bubblegum… there are so many to choose from! And all of them taste absolutely fab! Try some flavoured dusting powder for a little extra oomph. And don't forget the all-important sex enhancers, like creams that make her more sensitive, and delay cream for him so that he lasts longer in the sack. Orgasm creams enhance her orgasm and make her feel sexier. Then there are the herbal enhancements and penis enlargement creams for him. Try out our erotic accessories to make your sex life even more fantastic. The more erotic enhancers in your couples sex toys collection, the better. What's not to love?


Clit Stimulators

Whilst women enjoy using clit stimulators for solo play, clit stimulators are wonderful for couples to use for foreplay. Use a clit stimulator on her nipples, belly button, vaginal lips, and of course, her clitoris. You may even tickle her earlobes with the clit stimulator. Couples sex toys have never been so much fun! When she takes the clit stimulator out of his hands, she may tease him with it by running it along his ball sack and up and down his penile shaft. Start off with a gentle vibrating purr and turn up the vibrations until you get an intense roar. You'll be reduced to sexy giggles as you tease each other with your fun clit stimulators. And then, as you know, foreplay leads to other, more intense and pleasant sex play. Make sure to have several different types of clit stimulators in your sex toys collection.


Cock Rings

Couples sex toys always benefit from a cracking cock ring. Couples benefit from cock rings for many reasons, a big one being that when he wears a cock ring, his penis will be larger and more sensitive for a longer period of time because the cock ring retains blood in the shaft of his penis. Some cock rings have clit bumpers that give her clitoral stimulation whilst he thrusts into her, so both of them benefit from him using a cock ring. Whether the cock ring is made of jelly, metal, or is a vibrating cock ring, a cock ring will only enhance a couple's sex life. Each couple should have several different types of cock rings in their sex toys collection.


Bed Restraints

So she's been naughty today? Then tie her to your bed and spank her delicious bottom! Bed restraints are so versatile that any couple can spend hours upon hours playing with them. Tie his wrists and lie him flat on his back on your bed, and have your way with him with your couples sex toys. Pull out one of your new couples sex toys kits or one of your favourite sex toys to tease and tempt him. Cover his eyes with a soft blindfold so he can't see that spank coming! Restrain his ankles and wrists so that his nipples, balls, and cock are at your mercy. Slip a cock ring on him, and then massage some sweet massage oil onto his body before you tease him with your sex toys kit or your intimate massager. Use your imagination! Once he is thoroughly spent, it's time to switch places. Let him lovingly restraint you either face up or face down, and spread flavoured body paint all over your body. Then, use sex toys such as a clit stimulator to really get your kit off. By the end of the night, the two of you will be in seventh heaven!

The sky's the limit for the couple who wants to enjoy couples sex toys. There are so many different types that will open a wide world of sexual enjoyment for both of you. Try something new, or bring a new look to something you thought was tried and true for you. You won't be sorry!