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Whether it's sparkly or matte, a silver dress can be elegant, striking and bold. A silver dress is appropriate for the cocktail hour, a great dress for a night at the club or a good women's clothing choice for a wedding. A cool color with blue undertones, silver women's clothing does best with accessories in similarly chilly shades of black, grey and gunmetal. Play it safe with black or silver accessories or try some splashes of color to bring contrast to your silver dress ensemble.

Accessorizing a Silver Dress:

Wear black or silver jewelry with a silver dress. These are easy complements for any variation of silver fabric, including sequined and metallic clothing. With these basics, go for contrast more than uniformity. Instead of plain matte black shoes, wear a black faux crocodile heel or a silver-accented crystalline sandal with your silver dress. Use texture to bring dimension to this tried-and-true combination.

Wear blue stones and minerals like sapphires and turquoise. Blue goes well with any shade of grey or silver. Blue pops brightly against a silver background. Since blue and turquoise often have a cooler feel, they'll blend perfectly with the icier undertones of your silver dress.

Avoid red, yellow and orange. Silver is a cool shade that will clash with these hot colors. For the most part, these aren't a great complement to silver. If you love red, choose a lighter shade that is more of a pink hue to wear with your silver dress.

Add a bit of a twist by wearing jewelry that mixes gold and silver. Many people believe it would be taboo to wear gold with silver. However, modern jewelry design has married the two metals into jewelry and accessory fashions that look terrific and blend seamlessly. They also brighten up the silver dress and add contrast.

Look for gunmetal-colored accessories that mix black, blue and silver. These offer an unexpected twist on plain black and have a lot of dimension. Onyx and hematite also have the same metallic qualities as gunmetal and make for glossy, elegant accessories that brighten up a silver dress.


For those who are daring, red lips work with a silver dress. However, the lipstick looks best when it is a red with blue undertones instead of yellow.