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Retro lingerie is the style that was popular in the 1940's 50's and into the 60's. It basically went out of fashion with the advent of the swinging sixties when outer clothing became much more relaxed and revealing. This style of lingerie has seen a marked increase in popularity over the past few years due to its femininity.


Fetish lingerie is very often only separated from other lingerie due to the material it is made from i.e. leather, vinyl and latex. It is usually designed to be very provocative and can have undertones of S & M.


Corsets date back to the Victorian era and are designed to change a woman's shape, very often to give an hour glass figure. This is achieved by lacing tightly, if it is not laced it is not a corset. Corsets can be underbust or overbust.


Basques are usually fastened with hooks and eyes and are not designed to radically change a women's shape they can look very similar to corsets. Basques can also be underbust or overbust.


Clinchers and waspies are narrower than corsets and basques. These can be either lace up or hooks and eyes.


Bustiers are long line bras that extend down to the tummy. They help shape the figure and are usually fastened with hooks and eyes.


Girdles are mostly retro and stretch down from the waist to the hips and are shape enhancing there are open or panty variations, girdles and are usually made from power mesh.


Corselettes are similar to girdles but cover the body from the hips to over the bust, again these can be either open or panty but some also cover the upper thighs.


Babydolls are loose fitting negligees which are often sheer and open on the front, they cover the bust and normally down to the hips.


Chemises are similar to babydolls but usually closer fitting and not open.


Camisoles are shorter than chemises and normally fitted and do not stretch below the tummy.


Bodies are a tight fitting garment that has a very similar coverage to a teddy but bodies come in many different styles. Teddies are normally not as tight fitting and usually sheer.