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  • Neck and head holder for BDSM restraint hood system
    (1 )

    Black leather cat mask with nail head details. Mask has adjustable elastic strap and clasp. Largest width around the eye area is 2-3/4". Overall length is 10-1/2". Clothing and accessories sold separately, please see our other listings.

  • Total Lockdown Leather Hood
    (4 )

    Heavy Bondage mask with silicone gag

    Lockable straps around the padded eyes and mouth with extra keepers to prevent slipping. Perfect quality and fitting, very smooth soft leather will garantee you the most sensational feeling. Not only a unique design but also leather lined.

  • Total Lockdown Leather Hood
    (4 )

    I spent 4 hours locked inside this whilst tied in a strict hogtie and suspended from the garage rafters. With hubbie using a remote dildo,vibrating butt plug and large nipple weights I could not scream or see or hear anything. It was 4 hours of torture and I loved it. Cant wait till next time!

  • Bondage Leg Spreader Bar with Adjustable Cuffs
    (1 )

    The Fetish Fantasy Spread Em Bar Set creates a bondage experience like no other. Throw on the satin love mask and get down on all fours as you strap yourself in the Fetish Fantasy Spread Em Bar Set, featuring a four piece cuff set attached to the spreader bar for the sensually powerful feeling of restraint.

  • Locking Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bar bondage gear
    (2 )

    What a great spreader bar! It keeps my sub immobilized, with her backside wide open so that I may do as I please to her. I prefer penetration, which she also enjoys after a good spanking, and the spreader bar makes it more enjoyable. Rear entry is so sexy, and seeing my sub below me, with her legs spread apart for me, makes me hot. This is a high quality spreader bar, and it does exactly what I expect it to do. It's sturdy, and it keeps her in place so that I may have my way with her. It's also portable. I can toss it in my luggage when we go on holiday together. I'm very happy with it.

Your Recent History

Bondage Restrain your lover - Naughty Handcuffs

The easiest way to put grabby hands into bondage is a pair of handcuffs. Our range includes handcuffs of all persuasions from faux fur and decorative wrist cuffs and fluffy handcuffs to secure double locking police handcuffs made from cool steel. Securely fastening around the wrists to keep hands restrained with a central connective chain handcuffs are an easy-to-use bedroom bondage solution suitable for use by beginners and experts alike.

Take tease to the next level with the cuffs and collar set. Let your "pet" to wear these on, then adventure to a new world of submission begins. These cuffs & collars lined with leather, silk or fur, keep him/her away from free movements while making them comfortable and looking sexy. Ensure to have your submissive beggings and obeying every command. Can you imagine how stimulating it is? Lock her/him up and explore your fetish fantasies right now!

Wrist & Ankle Restraints
Owning quality wrist and ankle restraints is the first step in the world of bondage for many. We have a wide selection of bondage cuffs to suit whatever style you're looking for as well as a diverse listing of alternative bondage restraints including ropes, ties and tethers.

We offer a large collection of the finest Bondage Gear available. Our Bondage Gear is designed to help you create the perfect scene. We are known for our Extreme Bondage Toys and BDSM Gear that will help you take your play to the next level. Be sure to check back often as we are always adding new Bondage Toys here.

Metal handcuffs can be used just as restraints for bondage. Not only are they inexpensive, they last for a long time and can be also used as an accessory to leather outfits such as a leather police dress. At Leather Etc, we carry a range of handcuffs and leg cuffs. From solid metal police cuffs to antique style ultimate cuffs, there is something for everyone. 

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