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Murano Glass Beads Jewelry Shop at USSW

Discover beautiful designs in Murano beaded glass jewelry, or be the designer and create jewelry from glass beads.

Wholesale murano glass beads at USSW jewelry online store, Shop cheap murano glass beads fits All major European Brand Bracelets at reasonable prices and free shipping now.
Enjoy the beauty as beads made from glass cascade down romantic chandelier earrings. Draw the eye, instead, to a colorful focal point as a single gorgeous bead reflects the light while dangling from drop earrings. Let beading overtake the look, adding volume with more dramatic hoops or earrings with clusters of circular glass.
Drape your neckline in the simplicity of a single strand necklace of glass pearls, or go from sweet to sophisticated by layering on a necklace of three chains interspersed with glass beads. Create a bold statement with a multi-row design or with the volume of a beaded tassel pendant.
Beaded necklaces add elegance, but beaded bracelets bring fun. Keep the same structure as the rows of beads that look so beautiful at the neckline, but abandon displaying the chain to make an unending strand where the beads are the sparkling stars. Clusters of smooth glass can steal just as much attention, as the whimsy of jingling beads usher you through the day.
Create your very own, unique look by threading colorful glass beads onto a charm bracelet.  Be like the artisans in Italy, not in crafting the Murano beads but in building the bracelet. String on solid color beads in your favorite hues or beads fired to flawlessly merge two tones together. Play around with pattern, adding a swirl twist to jewelry. Experiment with dots and spots that make designs reminiscent of animal prints or floral blossoms. Even choose dots that jump off the bead, with speckles of glasswork added atop the smooth bead below.
With an array of colors and designs, find glass beads appropriate for any occasion to come or to remind you of fond memories from the past. Look through glass jewelry of all kinds at USSW.


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