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Wholesale overbust corset at USSW fashion online store, Shop discount overbust corset from China at affordable prices for sale and free shipping now.

Overbust corsets are, as you might guess, the ones that include a bust, but they do much more than simply cover your assets and nip in the waist by four or five inches. They also lift and shape. The result is a classic hourglass figure- think Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, or Beyonce at her finest. Like all the corsets in the steel boned range, these ones are made with 12 flat steel bones, four layers of fabric for strength, and the most beautiful outer fabrics and trimmings we could get our hands on.

The first thing to think about when choosing an overbust corset is the bust line. For those with a fuller figure or anything above a DD cup, corsets aren't just more supportive (and often more comfortable) than bras, they also offer a fantastic opportunity to show the world just how stunning a curvy woman can be.

If you really want to flaunt it, choose a steel boned overbust corset with a sharp sweetheart bust. These are the ones that look like a heart from the front, with a steeply incised bust. They'll give lift your breasts and give you cleavage that will attract all the right kind of appreciation. A milder sweetheart (which we sometimes soften further with lace or frills) is less spectacular and works well for most figures. Last but not least, more horizontal bust lines are the most modest choice and good for those times when you don't want so much emphasis on that part of your anatomy.

Next, check the length. Longer corsets are more suitable to taller wearers, and if you're below about 5'6" it's a good idea to go for something a little shorter, to make sure your legs get their fair share of attention too.

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