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Wholesale underbust corset at USSW fashion online store, Shop discount underbust corset from China at affordable prices for sale and free shipping now.

Underbust corsets are all about the waist. Unless you're feeling very racy indeed, they need to be worn with a top or a dress underneath or over the top, and they're less hot and a bit easier to move around in than a full overbust. Each one is steel boned and can reduce the waist by 4-5 inches from your normal size but they're easier to sit down in and simpler to lace on your own- all features that make them ideal for slightly more 'everyday' wear, or for wearing over a longer period.

All of our steel boned underbust corsets come with a modesty panel, so the lacing can be made less obvious when you feel like being discreet, and they're lined for a comfortable next-to-skin wear, although you can also choose to wear them above clothing. The busks are steel and the lacing strong enough to be cinched up tight. Fabrics are of the highest quality, with cotton inside and brocade, jacquard, taffeta or other gorgeous choices outside.
Worn over a simple blouse, a corset can make a conservative and boring business suit into an eye-catching, innovative piece of office wear, and an underbust corset can transform a plain day dress into something special, with a distinct vintage flavour. If you've got a once-loved dress that now doesn't fit quite right hidden away in your wardrobe (and who doesn’t), pair it up with one of these and it'll look great again.
Underbust Corsets has a wide variety of corsets to choose from. We have corsets for women of all USSW and sizes including the plus size underbust corset. Each corset has been carefully handcrafted with only the finest materials to create a stunning finish that is an excellent addition to any lingerie collection. 
For added USSW definition and waist slimming results, try our unique underbust corset. Comprised of steel bones, underbust corsets can make the waist appear up to 4 inches slimmer while flattening the tummy, and enhancing the bust line. We offer many different selections for any taste and our customers can choose from the black or brown leather underbust corset, brocade steel boned underbust corset, and PVC underbust corset. We also offer faux leather corsets with metal studs for that glamorous yet edgy look. Our corsets can be worn undergarments or as a complement to your outfit for a stylish statement.
Underbust Corset offers sexy corsets for waist sizes up to 48 inches and we even provide custom ordering for the exact fit you are looking for. If your size is not listed we will custom create your order according to your exact measurements, Place your order online today and receive discounts when you order in bulk!

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